Our solution is inclusive of talented jewelry designers and 3D CAD professionals, they closely work with you by crafting your idea from sketch to compose a precision 3D jewelry design all set for your approval. During this step, your design requirements are stimulated into product specifications before production.

Creating the prototype model is an essential process to consider before reproducing the jewelry. As the prototype will take up as the master mold for reproducing pieces. Our goal is to ensure that each jewelry pieces are aligned with the master prototype. Dedicated well experienced mold cutters and craftsmen are committed to perform such work.

A multiple alloy selection from Platinum, K18 Gold, K14 Gold, K10 Gold, to Silver, particular types of precious metal alloy are to be casted with the relevant casting systems. Our state-of-art casting machines are maintained by a dedicated skilled staffs. Precious metal casting are conducted under a computer controlled vacuum environment to ensure the finest casting quality.

We are expertise in pure platinum casting. As we are the leader to invest in platinum casting jewelry in the country since 1993, we believe in using the finest quality investment and a reliable casting technology to bring about a consistent product quality.

Supported by our expertise stone setters, we offer you a wide selection of stone setting techniques including micro-pave, prongs, channel, burnish (flush), bezel, as well as the industry cutting-edge invisible settings.

Skillful hand polishers carefully complete the surface by bringing the shine out of the precious metal. Example of various types to the finishes are shiny buffed, satin, diamond pointing finish, star-dust finish and etc.

Our affiliated machine chain factory in Japan provides a good choice of machine design chains to us. All your jewelry pieces can be completely assembled in-house from Christy Gem factory and ship them to you as finished pieces.

This is optional in the final step to enhance the shines and longevity of jewelry pieces. Plating comes with your choice of white rhodium, black rhodium, rose gold plating, or silver plating.

In every steps throughout our manufacturing line, the quality control team plays an important role in making sure that only finest jewelry pieces are delivering to our customer’s hands.All inspectors uses microscope to screen every items before delivering to customers.